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Special Issue 12


This double cover issue is named after the famous version of the Filipino jeepney, Patók, which showcases dramatic paintings and letterings, LED lights, and a blasting sound system. Through  artistic expression, we want to capture the distinctive charm and boldness of the Patók jeepney and the extraordinary encounters we shared on its long benches.


With the phase-out program still under way, the final journey of the Filipino jeepney is more than an afterthought. But for us creatives, who consider the jeepney not just as a means of transport but as a shared space where dreams and hopes intermingle as we seek something better amidst the struggles of daily life, we are not ready to say “para po” just yet.


By purchasing this 180-page digital issue, you will be able to help us reach our goal for The Volume Project: Patók Edition. It is a fundraiser for jeepney drivers where we will distribute grocery packs worth Php 1,000.00 each to random jeepney drivers in different locations across the country. The fundraiser will run from June 30 to July 31, 2023.

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