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Cramped In

Just like the pandemic, online class was a surprise for all of us—a bad one, that is.

You see, we were not really sure how online classes work. My sister didn’t have her personal laptop nor a room that is suitable for an online class, and she has to keep in mind her scoliosis.

However, we got it all figured out. With meager savings from her salary as an emergency responder, she managed to buy a laptop and mom got her room fixed up with the magic of white curtains.

As a freshman med student, she studies more than 8 hours a day. She wakes up at 7 AM; helps with chores then sits on her desk for hours facing her laptop, listening and/or watching lectures. When she has to eat, we slowly open her creaking door and offer her food. Sometimes she would take it, a lot of times she’s say she’ll eat later for requirements are piling up.

We know it will be a long time before everything comes back to “normal,” but with our support, as one family we’ll help her get through this oddity.


“I'm a young photographer who aspires to be a professional photographer and photojournalist. Writing and documentary filmmaking are also my strengths!”


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Stories and images in the time of COVID-19

An anthology of the struggles and hopes of Filipinos during the global health crisis of our time.

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