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Filipino, Japanese artists unite for arts promotion

Filipino and Japanese artists are up for a Collaborative Quarantine Art project that aims to “move people to hope during this trying times” in an online showcase of various forms of art this July.

Image from BGC Arts Center

This is part of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) You Art Not Alone (YANA) campaign with its mission to promote arts as an integral part of our life, in partnership with Japan Foundation Manila.

“In these extraordinarily tough times, we, in BAFI would like all of us to ‘rethink’ how the arts are really part of the essentials in our life, in fact, now more than ever. It uplifts, it transforms, it designs the wait. We would be emotionally crippled to survive this crisis if it were not for the arts,” says Maribel Garcia, Managing Director of BAFI, via press release.

Several efforts have been implemented under the YANA initiative and the latest one is a collaboration with a Japanese artist. Filipino artist Ron Capinding composed the poetry “Mabuhay Lahat” which was set to music by another Filipino music producer Sage Ilagan and then passed on to Japanese artist Noriko Kinouchi for the visuals.

Image from BGC Arts Center

BAFI is inviting more artists and audiences to take part in their collaborative project through song, dance, and other art forms.

“In our world today where everything is unsure, everything is in chaos, the best that we as artists can do is make people believe that there is still a tomorrow and there is something to look forward to. It is my responsibility as an artist to make people believe that we still have a chance, there is hope, and to be a beacon of light using my talents,” says Ilagan.

The latest collaborative art will be released this Friday, July 24 at 9:30pm on the BGC Arts Center Facebook page

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