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#Funddrive: Buy shirts for jeep drivers

Buy a shirt. Help a jeepney driver.

A local clothing store has started a fundraising drive to help jeepney drivers who have lost their source of living because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magaion, some of whose tie dye members were jeepney drivers, is currently selling tie dye shirts designed with vibrant colors and depicting a multicolored and flashy jeepney. The shirts may be ordered at

Part of the sales from the project, called #ParaKayManong will be donated to the MSHS Community Drive who has already helped over 1,000 jeepney drivers.

NICK AUTOMATIC™ founder Nicolo Nimor c0-designed the t-shirt.

In recent weeks, jeepney drivers have been seen on the streets asking for alms as recession hit the country following months-long lockdowns which threw millions out of work.

First made in the 1950s from leftover US jeeps after the World War II, jeepneys have gained the status as a national symbol in the Philippines.

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