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ICYMI: Marilag Records releases new track 'after midnight'

Literally, a little after midnight on September 17, Marilag Records and Productions just released a song entitled Lampas Hatinggabi.

Featuring members from well-loved bands of Marilag: Benny Manaligod of The Ridleys and Jolo Ferrer and Josh Tumaliuan of Munimuni, the song was written by Benny who said in a tweet that he wrote it "when [he] was feeling anxious about someone's safety, not knowing where to place the overwhelming burden of my worries.

"This is a song documenting that whole experience. Hope this song helps you feel less worried and less alone," he said.

The lyrics paint a picture of the weight of people’s worries during the pandemic.

The song opens with the lyrics: “’Di makatulog, nangangamba. Sumisilip kung nandyan ka na...” A warning, though, it only tugs deeper into your heartstrings from here. The song scratches the itch of all the feelings we are too overwhelmed to say out loud.

Lampas Hatinggabi is the perfect song to cry to when we just need that emotional release in the wee hours of night. People who have already listened to the song are asking who else shed a tear while listening.

You can listen to Lampas Hatinggabi (ft. Benny, Jolo, Josh) here:

Just be sure to ready your own tissue or anything to wipe your tears with before clicking that play button.

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