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Imelda docu 'The Kingmaker' streams on iWant for free

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Explore the heft of "greatness" in the proverbial saying "behind every great man is a woman" with the critically acclaimed documentary The Kingmaker by Lauren Greenfield, streaming on iWant today.

The film showcases how much weight the former First Lady puts onto her epithet as the Iron Butterfly in handling the aftermath of her husband's fall, the rise of hope in her son Bongbong for vice presidency, and the alliance with Duterte during the 2016 elections. It resonates with the chilling irony of Imelda's pleading, merciful sentiments, and Greenfield's telling direction with unreserved cinematography—a testament to the numerous accolades the film received. Most notably, this made Greenfield the first woman to be nominated at the 72nd Writers Guild of America for Best Documentary Screenplay.

Bringing the paradox off-screen, The Kingmaker made its national premiere at the Tanghalang Aurelio of the Cultural Center of the Philippines last January.

Now you can stream it on iWant along with a plethora of documentaries by signing up for free on

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