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#NeverForget: Records of Marcos regime now available online

It's definitely no tsismis.

At least 30 books and digitized newspaper archives on the US-Marcos dictatorship are now readily available online.

The first batch of the Martial Law-era online archive dubbed “Gunita: Mga Pahina Mula sa Panahon ng Diktadura” was officially launched yesterday, June 10, following some two months of preparations which included the scanning of books and other reading materials.

The archive can be accessed here:

Uploader and compilator Karl Patrick Suyat said he and his team of volunteers began the project as a response to the results of the 2022 Elections and to combat historical distortion.

“We just had one goal in mind: to preserve the archives about the Marcos dictatorship. Now, it’s not just about preservation — it’s about popularizing these materials once again,” Suyat said.

The 2022 elections delivered a big win to Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., son and namesake of former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. who placed the country under military rule for almost nine years in 1972-1981.

Suyat said despite the results of the election, “it does not mean our history will be over,” encouraging everyone instead to share and use the online reading materials for free.

“We hope the archives will be everyone’s gateway into the deeper materials that covered or tackled the Marcos dictatorship… No tyrant will ever be able to maintain their despotic rule in a country that remembers its past—including its struggles,” he added.


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