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Project BITUON: Through Digital Empowerment to the Stars

We are living in a digital age where telling exceptional stories is made available within the digital screen, hence the younger generation has become an active part in the digital landscape. They create written or visual contents that are accessible to the general public and somehow make themselves the content itself. This entails digital empowerment and awareness among the youth to use social media as a platform to hone their personal skills and use them as guideposts to make a difference. Furthermore, the youth have a powerful force to drive change and speak up, and they are left with the challengeto responsibly handle social media that it must make sense to them and become relevant to social change.

The Handom Initiative, a province-based, non-governmental, non-profit, civic service, youth-led organization in Masbate, will be having Project BITUON, an online workshop giving spotlight on educational and entertaining knowledge through addressing the fundamentals of social media handling and advertising.

Project BITUON carries the theme: “Ipahimangno: Highlighting the Roles of the Youth in the Digital Landscape". The event emphasizes the need to spread awareness and constant education about social media handling and advertising amongst the youth. Ipahimangno is a Minasbate word which essentially means to inculcate, and stands for the long-standing measure to nurture the youth navigating the digital realm.

Handom is launching this project with a valued speaker, a vanguard of spreading understanding and awareness on social media best practices. Midpantao Midrah G. Adil II is a content marketing strategist based in Davao City who runs a marketing firm offering digital creative services to clients, both local and abroad. Being a content creator, Adil found many opportunities in the digital industry. He takes pride in his work and considers himself a firm believer of passion and purpose. He has written articles for digital platforms including Cotabato Literary Journal, The Mindanao Tech, and more.

The discussion will focus on Content Creation Basics where the speaker will share the significance of responsible social media utilization, a productive tool in developing the youth's potentials as they build themselves with resilience amid shifting dimensions of the digital landscape.

Project BITUON advocates the ability to educate youngsters about using social media wisely and will make them develop self-awareness and self-confidence, allowing them to believe in their abilities much further. The project will be focused on informative and engaging expertise while discussing the concept of social media management, advertising, and content production,” said Loraine Mae Vallena, the project's event director.

BITUON comes from the Minasbate lexicon which directly means a ‘star’ that shines by the light it reflects from its own. At Handom, they have faith in the capacities of the youngsters. The youth are the bright stars that when darkness ceases them from shining, they shine much more. Much like giving us the thought of what the world would be, if we give them the opportunity to provide something meaningful with the world around them.

Handom continues to envision a community of young individuals that embody critical thinking and sensibility, grounded with the values of integrity and compassion.

The workshop is on April 30, 2021 at 7:00PM-9:30PM PST via Zoom. Everyone interested to join and learn about the topic is invited to register through this link. To know more about the project, you may check this attachment.

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