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Proudly Pinoy: Check out the first oracle deck to include Philippine animals

Heads up to all animal lovers! A new animal themed oracle deck made its debut this World Animal Day. And a little birdie told us that it’s the first deck to include animals indigenous to the Philippines.

The Rainbow Guardians Oracle is a 66-card deck that use animals to guide you towards your own rainbow. These cards can be used for divination, for self-reflection, or even as a teaching material for kids to learn about animals. There are no hard and fast rules in using this deck.

“In choosing animals to feature, I saw opportunities for inclusivity and representation, which I observed is lacking in other animal decks,” said Henson Wangaiham, the creator of the Rainbow Guardians Oracle and the award-winning Rainbow Seekers Tarot.

Henson included animals that were indigenous to the Philippines like the tarsier, carabao, mouse deer, and pangolin to name a few.

The Rainbow Guardians Oracle comes with a free Where Oracle: Rainbow Edition deck. It can also be bought in special sets that include crystal animals, an energy healing stick, and an energy mist— all rainbow themed and are from Crystalline_PH, Akasha LME, and Soluna Collective. All proceeds will go to local animal organizations to help fund their efforts for animals.

As they say, the early bird catches the worm so don’t miss out on this awesome new deck from @king.of.rainbows. For more information check out their Instagram page.


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