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#PursueYourSpark with TOMCAT - UST in this year’s Recruitment 101

The long-awaited Recruitment 101 has finally started, and with the myriad of organizations doing their best to grab everyone’s attention, there is always going to be one organization that can certainly bring out the spark from within.

Known for its social media campaigns such as BalikUSTe and the annual Valentine’s Day campaign and for its initiated events such as Tunog Tomasino and Media as Authors of eXperience (M.A.X.), TOMCAT - UST, the premier events management and media production organization of the University of Santo Tomas, now opens its doors and invites you to #PursueYourSpark in this year’s Recruitment 101!

#PursueYourSpark calls us to create our future by taking a leap of faith into limitless possibilities and experiences in the field of events and media. Now more than ever, as the world does not only go through the digital age but into the creative age as well, TOMCAT - UST offers you new beginnings and boundless opportunities for growth. Follow your heart to ignite your passion because TOMCAT - UST believes that you have what it takes, not just to be part of the organization, but to become the best version of yourself as well. In your journey with TOMCAT - UST, you are bound to thrive in your craft, meet new people, and explore a thousand ways to go beyond your limits. For this year's recruitment, the organization promises that you will not only find great opportunities and gain new experiences, but you will also be given the chance to unleash your true flair and pursue your spark within.

One of the project heads for this campaign, Aidee So said, “Not only can TOMCAT bring out the best of your skills in media production, but it also serves as a safe space where you’re free to test your limits and go beyond your capabilities” when asked why Thomasians should join TOMCAT - UST.

Meanwhile, Officer in Charge and Chief Communications Officer Elaine Tuazon highlights her experiences starting as a Kitten in TOMCAT - UST. She shared, “When I was a freshie, I didn’t have the confidence at all to join any organization. Although, by having the right mindset and by slowly gaining my confidence, I applied to TOMCAT. So why should Thomasians apply to TOMCAT this R101? TOMCAT will mold you to become a student leader. Not only this, but you will gain lots of skills and confidence to believe in yourself. Also, having a group of org friends that serves as your second family is indeed important for a student’s college life.”

Maureen Cucio, President and CEO of TOMCAT - UST, also pitched in to show how much being part of an organization like TOMCAT can truly encourage you to unleash your full potential. She said, “In these times where everything is uncertain, passion and dedication are the things that keep us going. And with TOMCAT - UST, pursuing your spark and letting the organization ignite the flame that’s always been inside of you can open doors for opportunities you’ll forever cherish. Pursuing your spark with TOMCAT can prepare you for a lot of challenges both inside and outside the university’s walls, help you in devotedly serving the Thomasian community as true student leaders, and hone you into a competent student, ready to defy the odds that the real world shall serve.”

So what are you waiting for? Join TOMCAT - UST via! Registration is only until September 25, 2021, so make sure to sign up and #PursueYourSpark with TOMCAT - UST. Remember that you may not know what the future holds, but you play a very important role with how things could work out, so choose to be part of something extraordinary and craft a version of yourself that your future self would surely be proud of!

For more information, visit and follow TOMCAT - UST on all of its social media pages @TOMCATust.

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