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Still in the service of the Filipino people...

This pandemic scarred us in different ways. In my case, I found myself with 11,070 Kapamilya employees fighting for our jobs, friends, and families.

I am a content management specialist in ABS-CBN. The pandemic halted many of our company's events and productions, but the demand for content only increases. With restricted movement and limited manpower, we are working twice as hard in plugging the leaks to keep our platforms up and running. That and keeping our sanity intact.

Last May, NTC ordered our shutdown. Every day, we keep on looking for more solutions to continue our services while watching the circus that has become of the deliberation of the franchise renewal bills. It was unbearable. I even stopped using social media for some time to prevent myself from arguing with people online.

Then, we were denied a new franchise. I've never felt so helpless and angry in my life. Each day was worse than the last as whole divisions and business arms cease operations. I'm with ABS-CBN for four years now and I bid goodbye to some of my longtime colleagues and closest friends. Painful doesn't even begin to describe it.

Change has become the new normal and it is exhausting! But we can only learn how to constantly adapt. Just like what Sir Carlo L. Katigbak said to us, the country will always have a place for a company that wants to do good. I know the same is true with my Kapamilyas. Some of us may not be in ABS-CBN anymore but one way or another, we will still be in the service of the Filipino people.


Kim Abigail Idra

“I’m a former campus journalist and editor of The Louisian Courier. Currently, I’m a content specialist for a global subscription platform. I am a probinsyana trying to survive adult and city life. Each day I try to be less wrong, more present in the moment, and greater than the sum of my parts.”


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Stories and images in the time of COVID-19

An anthology of the struggles and hopes of Filipinos during the global health crisis of our time.

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