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Tingkad shines amidst pandemic

Bazaars and exhibits keep us busy. We get out there, sell our merch, and meet new people. All is well! We have plans for the whole year and then came COVID-19. Everything stopped. Events were cancelled. Stores closed. Tingkad page was quiet for three months.

As individuals we still make art from time to time but it feels like there's something missing.  One day, I had an idea. A plan to make Tingkad active again. This is when #TingkadTuesday was created, an art project every Tuesday where we formulate random art challenge that will fuel our creativity and push us to explore our processes and create beyond what we can.

Our creative hearts rejoiced, our spirits were lifted. We now have something to look forward to. Our brain was filled with positivity, and when we post our works, we feel like spreading good vibes tremendously. Tissa and I felt alive again. Our hearts were full!

And since we are now living in the online world, we came up with another project. An art collaboration. Tissa and I live far from each other but distance didn’t affect our willpower to keep on creating. We created “Muling Pagtatagpo,” an art collaboration series where traditional and digital art meets. Every Friday, we post a new piece of art fusion. 

These projects are incomparable to what we used to do back then, but we have to adjust and make them work. Tingkad wants to live up to our brand name which translate to “shine or brightens” even during this pandemic.

We make sure to keep ourselves inspired. We keep on moving forward. We keep on creating. We keep on shining, and hopefully this energy will transcend to our audience.


Tingkad is a collaborative art brand of Dale Magsino and Tissa Pagaduan.


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Stories and images in the time of COVID-19

An anthology of the struggles and hopes of Filipinos during the global health crisis of our time.

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