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#WonderInRhythm in this year’s Tunog Tomasino 2021 with TOMCAT -UST

Tunog Tomasino 2021, a TOMCAT-initiated event, makes a comeback this year. Wonder in rhythm with Thomasian artists on November 27, 2021 on TOMCAT - UST’s Facebook page.

Tunog Tomasino 2021: #WonderInRhythm opens a call for all Thomasian artists and gives the opportunity to showcase their talents and express themselves through music and poetry.

Even with the Enriched Virtual Mode, TOMCAT - UST envisions young artists to create wonders through this platform as they explore rhythms that can build a strong relationship between students through their creative skills.

Alyssa Elarmo, the Chief Circle of Talents Officer and Officer in Charge of Tunog Tomasino 2021, shared her insights for the upcoming event and stated, “This year’s Tunog Tomasino is being delivered online for the first time and I know there’s a lot of expectations from Thomasians kasi this was practically a staple na every year since 2015. This year, we’re coming back stronger than ever. Grabe yung efforts that the team has put into bringing this to life. And even though online, we’ll definitely still deliver to meet our audiences’ expectations and encourage everyone to be on the lookout for this year’s Tunog Tomasino.”

As someone from the organization who has attended Tunog Tomasino in the past, Elaine Tuazon, the Chief Communications Officer of TOMCAT - UST said, “It’s interesting to have an online version of the event since I am used to the face-to-face event of Tunog Tomasino and I’m looking forward to all the Thomasian artists who will unleash their talents and skills.”

For more information, check out TOMCAT - UST’s social media pages @TOMCATust.

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