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Young artists perform songs about the quarantine experience in online gig

The youth have suffered greatly during the pandemic. Many of them have lost their loved ones, their jobs, their futures—on Filipino Youth Day (June 19), presents episode 4 of its GANAP series, Young and in Quarantine.

This episode premiering today at the UP Institute of Creative Writing Facebook page, gathers artists whose works respond to the feelings of being stuck in quarantine in a global pandemic worsened by a failed government response.

Moderated by Mac Andre Arboleda, the event features Isay Gavica, Chadwick Calica, Gymno, Emilio, and Giselle. Four artists will debut performances of their songs: "Dreams" by Chadwick Calica, "Mythomania and Maggot" by Gymno (from her debut album Pandemonium), "Breathe" and "Center" by Giselle, and "Naghahanap ng Kahulugan + Nasa’yo ang Kahulugan" by Emilio.

The episode goes live at the LIKHAAN: UP Institute of Creative Writing Facebook page on June 19 at 3PM.

The Performers

Chadwick Calica is a self-taught musician and singer-songwriter from Los Baños, Laguna. Highly influenced by Jeff Buckley, Eddie Vedder, Nick Drake, Unique Salonga, and The Beatles, he continuously works on his craft by experimenting with different genres to create a sound with a fusion of folk, pop, and rock.

Emilio is a composer and guitarist of the band Bonsai! Bonsai! who makes compositions as an effort to find his voice in the world. His solo projects explore his personal life, touching on the intimacies of human relationships and inquiries into self-discovery; while recent collaborative projects include forays into film scoring and sound design.

Giselle is a 22 year-old singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Her music draws influences from the genres of R&B, hip-hop and neo soul, with lyrics that explore earnest musings on life and love from a 20-something in existential flux.

Gymno is a singer-songwriter from Calamba, Laguna. She mostly dabbles on bedroom pop and indie folk within the confines of her own room.

Isay Gavica writes poems that explore the magic found in the mundane. She is based in San Pedro, Laguna and is currently a spoken word resident for GlobalGRACE Philippines AiR. She openly shares her experiences with depression and with being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community to advocate for mental health awareness and gender equality.


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