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"Everything is Contemporary" at The Manila'Bang Show

In the Information Age, everything is contemporary. We enjoy the unprecedented privilege of accessing humanity’s recorded past, digitized and shared online, from anywhere on Earth. Through the innovations of social media and video conferencing, technology has created an endless and simultaneous present, a ubiquitous “here.”

This privilege extends to the arts: movements in art history—formerly detached and restricted to particular eras, places, and audiences—have been brought to the present. On the Internet, examples of the artistic innovations of the past can be found in a single, continuous milieu. While we remain conscious that they were products of their times, this access to global art historical movements also makes them contemporary, muses for our time.


In the same spirit, contemporary art has torn down the barriers of time, space, and viewership; for the present era of art, in other words, everything is “contemporary.” Current modes of artmaking are diverse and open-ended: ostensibly nothing is off-limits in the artist’s choice of subject matter, medium and technique, including the appropriation of other artworks. Under relational aesthetics, the audience itself has become a crucial part of interaction-based art practices as well.


Abandoning the modernist white cube style, contemporary art can be appreciated in public spaces or distributed digitally, as in the case of NFTs. With its emergence in a globalized and postcolonial world, it is also no longer confined to the traditional art centers of the West. International exhibitions and exchanges highlight the arts ecosystems of underrepresented countries and regions, particularly in the Global South.


Now in its third edition, The ManilaBang Show 2023 is proud to contribute to this rich global context by exhibiting a wide roster of prominent and emerging contemporary artists from the Philippines and abroad. This year’s one big show offers a glimpse into a local art scene that is unbounded in expression and inspiration, its participants embodying the chosen theme: “Everything is Contemporary.”

Galleries (Baguio, Metro Manila, Cebu)

Pugad Ni Art

R Gallery

Dry Brush Gallery

Sin-Ta Gallery

Galerie Artes

M Gallery

Nami Art Gallery

Secret Fresh Gallery

Life N Arts


Galerie Francesca

Lab Art Projects

Ilocos Sur Museum

Art Portal Cebu

Florentino Art Gallery

Cebu Arts Inc.

Art Toys PH

Meatspace Web3

Alfred Tababa Art

Arte Bettina

Galerie Anna

Art Anton

Ides Contemporary Art

Art Elaan

Qube Gallery

Daloy Likha

Featured Artists

Julius Redillas

Shireen Co

Daniel Dela Cruz

Anton Del Castillo

Rene Cuvos

Charlie Co

Two Front Teeth

Jesse Camacho

Beejay Esber

Crypto Art PH (NFT)


New Wave (Young Filipino Contemporary Artists: Promising, Up-and-Coming)

Raco Ruiz

Aldrin Bassister

Carl Modelo




Laki Mata

Visit the exhibit from December 7 to 10, 2023 at the UGF Civic Drive, Festival Mall, Muntinlupa City, and celebrate the convergence of art, technology, and diverse perspectives. The ManilaBang Show 2023 invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of contemporary art, where the past informs the present, and the present shapes the future.

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