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Introducing Badingger-Z: The Fabulous Rainbow Crusader of this World, The Universe Rather

In a vibrant blaze of color and courage, a new superhero emerges to captivate audiences and champion the fight against oppression. Badingger-Z, adorned in a dazzling rainbow cape, is set to become the beacon of hope for the small town of Santo Tomas, written for comicbook by award-winning filmmaker Real S. Florido.

In the debut volume, Badingger-Z and the Accla Assassin, audiences are introduced to Ading, a timid teenager who, wearied by bullying at a military campus, returns home with an unwavering vow never to return to the academy. Unraveling the mysteries guarded by his adaptive mother, Ading stumbles upon a mysterious particle in the forbidden woods, transforming him into Badingger-Z—a rainbow-surfing superhuman with unparalleled strength. As the Cyborgas launch an assault on his hometown, Badingger-Z emerges as the indispensable defender, facing not only the half-human half-robot attackers but also the enigmatic mastermind of the chaos—the Accla Assassin.

Crafted by the award-winning film director Real S. Florido, this project marks an exhilarating chapter in storytelling. Florido emphasizes the significance of Badingger-Z as a superhero representing the LGBTQIA+ community, breaking free from traditional narratives and positioning them as the main characters, transcending sidekick roles and momentary punchlines.

“I believe that a superhero like Badingger-Z is crucial today, representing the LGBTQIA+ community in a story where they are the main characters, not just sidekicks,” asserts Real Florido, injecting a fresh and inclusive perspective into the superhero genre.

Inspired by a college play written by Rommel Dela Cruz and Byron Barinuevo from the university organization Magwayen Creative Scholar’s Guild in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Badingger-Z's narrative adopts a deep dive on Filipinos penchant for superhero stories.

The amazing comicbook illustrations are from Alfred Galoroza, a visual artist from Cebu. With additional artwork for the cover art by the young and talented multi-media artist from Davao, Jermaine Tublo.

Badingger-Z and the Accla Assassin is set for release in four thrilling installment comic books. Reserve your copy of the first volume here:

Embark on a journey where strength, diversity, and style converge in this groundbreaking narrative.

For updates follow Badingger-Z on social media:

For media inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact: 

Jon Verzosa – 09952119378

Sed Arce - 09280804517

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