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A Brutalist building for a 'brutal regime': Museum for Martial Law era to rise in UP

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

A Brutalist designed structure will soon be built in UP Diliman to house Freedom Memorial Museum, the first state-sponsored memorial on martial law.

According to the three-man team led by Architect Mark Anthony Pait who won the museum design competition, the form of the P475-million building is a play on the “brutal” historical era and of the architectural style during the Marcos regime. It is also inspired by the combination of a fist and a flower, symbolizing the fall of Marcos caused by the non-violent resistance of the People Power Revolution in 1986.

A flagship project of the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission, the museum is “dedicated to honor the lives and sacrifices of victims and survivors who had struggled for freedom, democracy, and human rights during the 1972-1986 martial law period in the Philippines.”

The museum planned to occupy a 1.4-hectare lot is set to open by 2022, on the 50th anniversary of the martial law declaration.

The bidding for the construction of the museum was opened today.

For more information, check out

Photos from Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission website.

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