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Hundreds of Worlds in 320+ Pages: Novice’s 3rd Issue is Dictionary Definition of Creative

An explosion of creativity!

No better words aptly describe the upcoming third issue of local magazine Novice.

With over 120 local creatives, poets, writers, graphic artists, photographers, and illustrators coming together to produce 320+ full-colored pages, this issue, like its predecessors, is exactly what LOADED means! Indeed, Novice is no rookie at making us look forward to its next magabook.

But what makes you want more of this third edition is a double cover featuring internationally acclaimed street and documentary photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani and graphic artist Brian Avecilla’s winning cover design depicting a world from tabula rasa.

True to its provincial roots, Novice had Novo Vizcayano Xyza Cruz Bacani headline this third annual issue. She is BBC’s 100 Women of the World in 2015, 30 Under 30 Women Photographers in 2016, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016, and author of the Book We Are Like Air.

Also sharing their creative journeys in this third issue are: Justin Besana, the “Design Kid” who has made countless film posters here and abroad; Venazir Martinez, a visual anthropreneur, a street muralist, and the creative behind “Hila-bana,” a series of public art found in Baguio City; Kim Chua Tendido, one of the most locally in demand macramé artist; Abigail Hong, an architect and analog collage artist; Red Gumayagay, a rising singer-songwriter from Bayombong; and Brian Avecilla, the winner of Issue 03’s cover art and design contest.

You can likewise expect seeing local clothing brands EPISODES®, and rookies in the streetwear scene Soft and The Old.

A passion-driven project, Novice aims at promoting the spirit of creativity and strengthening the country’s artistic community by being a platform that celebrates young and aspiring creatives who showcase their talents as they make their marks in both local and international scenes.

With countless magazines now going digital over print due to financial constraints, Novice refuses to cave in. Why, the creatives behind this local magazine identify with lovers of the sweet, sweet fragrance of the first flips of the pages of a tangible print!

For this reason, Novice aims to reach at least 1,000 pre-ordered copies to proceed to printing. You can pre-order your copy at a discounted price of P560.00 until May 31, 2021 only. Part of the proceeds of every issue is allotted for future outreach programs of the magazine called The Volume Project.

By pre-ordering your copy, not only do you get a discount and get loads of freebies, you can also be among the 100 lucky individuals to win t-shirts from Faith & Fearless Philippines!

To order, you may visit our website or go directly to this link: You may also reach us through our various social media platforms.

Pre-order your copy now and discover creativity wrapped in the worlds within its pages.


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