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#OKTOBRA2020: The newest art challenge for your obra maestra

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

For the past decade, October has been a month of creative pursuits and artist celebration. #Inktober, a 31-day art challenge established by illustrator and animator Jake Parker, has been an avenue for artists to share their art, connect with each other, and grow their audience.

This year, #Oktobra2020, a portmanteau of Filipino words Oktubre (October) and obra (work), offers artists an alternative way to artistically spend October.

#Oktobra2020 started out as an idea on Twitter. User @makitrashhart tweeted about doing an #Inktober challenge but with a Filipino twist. It will include prompts that are related to Filipino history, culture, and literature, touching on mythology, folklore, and urban legends.

The project was initially called #Filtober2020 and later changed to #Oktobra2020. On August 30 the project officially launched on Twitter and Instagram.

Shortly after, #Oktobra2020 released their official promptlist. They offered two sets of prompts.

Like the usual month-long challenge, #Oktobra2020 lists 31 prompts for the whole month. These prompts are meant to be culturally inclusive of the Filipino theme. You can find prompts that are uniquely Filipino, such as the ‘Jeepney’ and ‘Mano Po’ prompts.

The second list of prompts is consolidated for artists who can't do the daily challenge. The "Lite" version offers weekly prompts. These are broad subjects that can be interpreted and tackled according to the artists individual style.

Get your tools and ideas ready! Join in the fun this October by using the #Oktobra2020 tag.


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