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Vintage band tees meet fine arts in ESCAPE: a one-day exhibit in Modeka Art

Cebu-based vintage band tee purveyor Vintage Yubec is a well-regarded figure in the globally-interlinked vintage band tee community. His carefully-selected catalog has garnered the admiration and patronage of enthusiasts all over the world, particularly in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Over the years, he was able to source some of the rarest and most valuable band tees that serve as wearable artifacts of popular culture history. These vintage band tees have been a fixture in the fashion zeitgeist for years, and the communities it spawned make a case for the permanence of vintage tees in contemporary fashion and culture.

On May 19, in collaboration with Modeka Art, Vintage Yubec arranged an art trade exhibit titled “ESCAPE” in deviation from the archetypal flea market-inspired activations that commonly denote vintage band tees. Instead, this event aims to find the intersection between two dissimilar worlds: Vintage and Fine Arts.

“I think events like these are essential in pushing the boundaries of the vintage scene in the country. So I did everything I could to make it happen.” says Vintage Yubec.

ESCAPE aims to disrupt the local norms in which vintage band tees are purchased and experienced and intends to break the self-imposed ceilings hindering the progression of this creative subculture. This unprecedented type of local exhibit is mainly self-produced and curated by Yubec, enlisting contemporary artist Dyza Saco for a one-off artwork made of acrylic and sought-after vintage band tees unfortunately damaged by dry rot.

ESCAPE will be available for public viewing on May 19, from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Modeka Art Gallery. The one-off artwork, vintage band tees, and limited edition book will be available for purchase in the event.


Vintage Yubec is the boutique brand and persona of Gerard Cosicol, a music enthusiast who serendipitously found expertise in procuring rare vintage band t-shirts. His encyclopedic knowledge of rock music coupled with his proficient skills in e-commerce made the brand stand out from his peers both locally and internationally.

The Cebuano vintage tee provider sets his focus on activations and concepts that elevate the level of the local vintage community to the leagues of its counterparts in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Europe, and the United States.

To know more about Vintage Yubec, visit and on Instagram @vintageyubec

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